Start-Up Fund

Leave an eternal mark on this special new program by making a sizable contribution to the launch funding we need to start this program.

All contributors of $25000 to $74000 and will receive a name plaque on our community wall for all residents, staff, families and visitors to see.

All contributors of $75000 to $99,000 will be given a chance to name a specific program room.

All contributors of $100000 or greater will be given the opportunity to have a building named in your honor.

And all donors of $25000 and over will be invited to our special opening gala event, which will be attended by local and State media, families of future residents, local politicians, State regulatory officials, staff and supporting professional organizations.

Startup funding goal: $1-million

Email us with questions on | OR

Thankyou For Donating

Assisting individuals with developmental disabilities

Thank you in advance for selecting one of our projects to support. We and all our residents appreciate it! Please come for a visit to see your donation in action! Contact us to schedule a visit.